Sunday, November 27, 2011

More Wild Rumpus

image borrowed from brian miller

More Wild Rumpus Than Late Night Infomercials
Trying To Sell You Video

GRooooWL all you want, nothing wild is left
our elders were felled for suburbs & shopping malls,
they make cages comfortable these days, cause
tamed animals cause no trouble but must be coaxed
to procreate to further the existence, their own
and the myth---

Where the Wild Things Are was never a manifesto
for revolutionaries but the world needs monsters
to wild rumpus the streets, not the ones we have
been left with to run the zoo and tell us to feel
at home here behind iron bars, Sendak said it was
about children mastering feelings, not numb from
losing them---

Do you remember the stars, God, they were so vast
the night we sat and dreamed a life, your eyes
contained them in swirling mass, sparks passing
twixt n'tween fingers gracing each one to another,
and time was an elastic band we stretched til it
SnApPeD with the sun rise?

Who domesticated us? Did they neuter us at night
while no one was watching? Who watches even now
to ensure our children fall in line like the rest?
Did the black rhino know he would become extinct?
So big, so strong and yet---

The Mayan calendar ends next year and mama nat forgot
to buy them a new one for Christmas, the impENDing
apocalypse might be the stimulus this economy needs,
what all the canned goods to stock up and army surplus
or maybe they just wanted to leave it open so we can
interpret ourselves, where we go from here---

when did you last dance, for no reason? For reason
has nothing to do with it, don't blame a limp synapse---

Let me draw you a map on a napkin, don't wait
for the world to change, to fit, it wont and will leave
you disappointed, eat all the puzzle pieces you want
for breakfast but you will never truly feel whole,

the wild things they know this,
if they are going to live they must slip
silent through high grass, it's easier to hunt in packs
and always go for the neck, only then will you feel
life's pulse on your tongue---

Brian Miller

Posted over on his site Way Station One
Listed as #1 over on dVerse Poets

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