Tuesday, January 17, 2012

58% of Your Child's Daily Calorie Recommendation

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58 per cent of your child's
daily calorie recommendation

Someone told me the other day
McDonalds gets all their french fries from Mexico

You better tell the border patrol
cause i think it's the first wave of a revolution
led by a chihuahua rally cry "Yo Quiero!"

But then again, Taco Bell is out of Irvine
so it's an inside job---turn a simile on that
to the government & i can call it
a poem

even write it in form:

There is a reason
they call dollars bills, got e-
nough, you can buy one

Ooooo, i wrote haiku

Which means i must be a real poet,
but then again if i scribe it in words like
Callipygian Osculator Gerontocracy
(Shapely ass kissing old boys club)
it might get me published in a journal

read by people that hmm ooo ahhh
and let me in the 1 % that can actually write---poetry
while the rest occupy
space driving down property values as they
minimum wage by

& my son says, as we walk through Target,
"I need to study Star Wars more so I can
one day be a Senator, say things like

'I was not elected to watch my people suffer and die
while you discuss this invasion in a committee!'

& they will put my face
on shopping carts and earrings to adorn
the lobes of ladies that shop there

cause once you are a senator, people will buy
anything" & i

will still be writing poetry that won't sell
with small words and ideals that have greater
(not just nutritional) value
than campaign promises or happy meals.

Brian Miller

Posted over on his site Way Station One
Listed as #2 over on dVerse Poets-Open Link Night 27

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