Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Upside Down Stamps

image borrowed from brian

Upside Down Stamps

Why is it we expect honor among predators
whose core intention is their own coronation?
this is not Camelot, nor some fictional play
enacted out by two bit actors in the public theatres

Guinevere's waded into Manhattan from the harbor,
laid down her tablet, bent over & taken up jousting,
not surprising when under tarnish her torch is just sputtering
it's all over the nightly news at six,
but king Arthur's cronies are obviously oblivious,

The round table is taking bets, ante in is 300 Clevelands,
pocket change to hustlers sporting private jets
fueled by corporate sponsorships,
ok lets be PC and call them endorsements
just don't get caught up in the fine print
of, in return, what they expect
& in our silence what we accept,
great divide growing between us & our political connects

(Record scaAAtCccH) Is this thing on? Let me clear my throat

And remind you we have the right to vote
(for whoever they put in front of us),
our rubber stamp to make it due process,
indoctrinated from birth by the school & the steeple,
that silent devotion is what makes you humble,
cause that's how it works in the land of and for
and by the invisible people,

But before you rattle your swords & get to fist pumping
or jump just because someone says jump in,
ask yourself this, how far are you willing to go
when the revolution gets uncomfortable---
realizing we are responsible cut bets on political saviors
wielding excalibre & start acting like 'We the People'

Want something other than a messy divorce, founded in ignorance
like a spouse on the couch, behind whose back we bad mouth
for our own impotence, raising children bearing scars
of a broken nation cause we were too busy pointing fingers
to take action---a more perfect union, it don't just happen

Brian Miller

Posted over on his site Way Station One
Listed as #2 over on dVerse Poets-Open Link Night 28

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