Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bare Love

painting borrowed from bing

Bare Love

I jumped a bus and hopped a train
to catch your love, I walked through rain.
Yet those three words inside remain-
silence my pain, silence my pain.

You made excuses, told me lies
but I saw through blind alibis.
The truth within a bleak surprise-
I’m not a prize, I’m not a prize.

When did our love become just friends
and like a kite soar through the wind?
Caught in a tree, I can’t pretend-
how will we end, how will we end?

Four years of this yo-yo affair,
I now accept you just don’t care.
Returning hope yet stagnant air-
my heart is bare, my heart is bare.

laurie kolp

Posted over on her site Conversations With Laurie
Listed as #30 over on dVerse Poets--Open Link Night 26

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