Sunday, January 15, 2012


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Time is an illusion,
as is death, just measurement
for clouded minds, for they
actually fold back on themselves,
constantly in motion, perpetually
an undulating, twisting, squirming
cosmic helix,

so for the drowning man, and the hanged,
wounded, torn-to-pieces, eaten man,
remember that when you are in
possession of the proper galaxy charts,
you can travel like thought rocketing
through their magnificent folds, those
illusory twins death and time, for they
are nothing and you are everything,
co-creators of the universe, companions
to the divers gods, threading star systems
like a stellar spider, naked as the silver
surfer, roaring through the rings of Saturn,
stardust clinging to your winged feet, until
you want to touch down as some planet’s
sentience attracts you, some maiden,
some flower, some poem lures you,
attracts you like a firewalker to the magma,
as the astral energies beckon, and your data
aligns with this latest timeline, this new

It has always been thus, and will continue
to be, so blow the ice out of your lungs,
shake off the sea, take your first virgin
breath in this new world, fill your husk
with life, open your eyes and scream
your first hello.

Glenn Buttkus

January 2012

Listed as #23 over on Magpie Tales 100

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Brian Miller said...

the worlds are open to one that dreams...i want to get a little star dust on my feet...i like your explanation in that opening where can i get tht galactic

Claudia said...

ha..always great discovering new worlds...and there's nothing to say against a bit of stardust..and maybe a pair of wings..smiles...enjoyed this glenn

Tess Kincaid said...

Hello! Magnanimous write, as always, Glenn.

Sue said...

I like the image of "blowing the ice out of your lungs."


Linda said...

These ideas have wings of their own and seem to encapsulate the entire universe. I love the energy and the space, Glenn. Thank you for sharing.

chiccoreal said...

Dear Glenn: Entralling voyage I've just been on! The universe and all that is in it, inner and outer space, feeling the reel and spin of the helix twins doing their thing in the cosmos. Yes I wonder what it did feel like the "first time" I sucked air? Imagination +++

Helen said...

I enjoyed this, especially the last stanza ~ what being birthed must feel like. Shame we can't recall.