Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Come Back 2 Bed

image borrowed from brian miller

Come Back 2 Bed

Frost gathers the edge of the window,
sil where birds trumpet, light cracks
the obsidian obsidian sky & i lay curled
torticone to your back, lips to your neck,

When he burst in screaming,
"Wake up! You have to get up! You will be late
for work! Get up! Get up! Get up!"

And you do---

I secretly plot, as the pounding shower reverbs
through the walls, scribble poetry
of Frost and Pound on the bedsheets, hanging
them on the walls, while humming
'Shakespeare in Overalls' by Woody Guthrie,

Then wait for the door click of your leaving
before finding the cleaver

And if you find the shattered shell of his body,
by the bedside when you return,
not even Marcus Crassus and his Roman Legions
could stop my advance and I spared
not even the snooze button---

So call work, I fear
You may be late tomorrow,

For he will alarm no more,

And if you lose your job, and we everything
I will still have your back,

Brian Miller

Posted over on his site Way Station One
Listed as #28 over on dVerse Poets--Open Link Night 26

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