Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Write a Poem

image by jannie funster

Write a Poem

Write a poem on a chocolate morning
when the parakeets are trading recipes
and the cat’s already into the beer.

Write a poem at noon when the bacon
leaps from the fridge and fries itself into
a frenzy of hip-shaking mardigras wine.

Write a poem in the mashed potatoes
stuffed into the hollows of old oaks and
clumped onto the thighs of the moon.

Sleep ten days. Wake and write a poem
on the rejeuvenated skin of your cheeks
all plump with with vikings in velvet.

And since fives are magical… write a
fifth poem on the sidewalk at the dinosaur
disco your dreams will dance in tonight.

Jannie Funster

Posted over on her site Jannie Funster
Listed as #7 over on dVerse Poets--Open Link Night 26

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