Saturday, January 28, 2012

Blue Balls & Wrist Watches

image borrowed from rolex

blue balls & wrist watches

Live for greatness, the ad for Rolex
on the back of Travel & Leisure


soft fingers along my ear & her
fierce eyes thumb through my book
scent marking each page, dress cut
below glossy breasts, just a hint

and what? what?
she wants to sell me

a time piece, no

because who needs a mortgage
just to tell time, never be late but
its moments---she pedals,

a bike down a dirt lane, tires on pebbles
grind and skritch, green grass lined, the sun
beams bubble, her short floral dress, wisp
of wind & her legs tan as fried chicken
with promises of secret ingredients, sticky
finger lickin', running them slow along
the length with her tongue


she teases, taps the crystal face as hands count
n until she's gone,
a slow dancing vapor, gasping
flower unfurled damp & heady,
entwined round
a pole, upside down and sliding,
of what
could have been if---

only i wore a watch, but my wrist is empty
of such constraints, acidic coffee krinkles
the corner of my eyes as i take the last sip,
savoring its bite, then rise from the bench,
cross the tile floor, trash the cup & head
for the door

leaving greatness

by where i sat, to shine
for someone

Brian Miller

Posted over on his site Way Station One

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