Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dreams of Gnomes and Knaves

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dreams of gnomes & knaves

♪ down the well i wait for betrayal
the rock to come whizzing back to the bowels
my brothers retreating n' treating the princess
with gropes and kisses
bought on the blood of kin ♪

♪ grimm, grimm, it's not so grimm
this flute i'll play to light the din
to call the elves
& hang your sin ♪

♪ yea, i'll call the elves---
& hang your sin ♪

every voice joins the refrain-ed chorus
to up-raised tankards, then clap loud clunk-
ing to the tables---our fairy tales, now drinking
songs to the turn of the wyrm that rules the kingdom
back turned & turning as it curls round its gold cache

gnomes, gnomes, us all under ground, and m'lady liberty's lain down
after eating the apples o' her father's garden, to sleep eternal---
call the huntsmen,
she awaits true love's kiss
to rise once more, all lips & hips
wide & birthing
a day still to come

oh, that day will come,

SOunds more braveheart, than prince charming
doesn't it?
a man can dream---

of the tales read when he was young
with endings only found in happily e'er after
and once upon a time---
when all works out in the end

but then again,
its a choice, this peace
of mine.

our bed warm, i find
that space soft between you shoulders
salty, taste the ease of your breath
and ride heart beats like warhorses
back deep into the night---

Brian Miller

Posted over on his site Way Station One
Listed as #1 over at dVerse Poets-once upon a time

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