Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Taking a Joy Ride on a Front Scoop Loader

image by lesteph

taking a joy ride on a front scoop loader

a man on tv takes a hotdog,
wraps bacon a-round, rolls it in flour
& deep fries it

he puts the crispy pound of flesh
on a bun & loads condiments
grilled onions, mustard & ketchup
are just the start

i can't help but think
i am watching a suicide, live
& at least he will die, with a smile on his face
but what about everyone else

or is this just about pleasing your
& whats good for me is good for me
i don't need all that responsibility
---on me

& she's in the hospital again,
as she is every other month, all the weight,
enough to seriously harm her legs, rests
on the tawny haired boy sitting next to me
passed around house to house
as he waits to see

if this is the time she doesn't come home
& what's he to think? at twelve what is left

and before you think i am picking on the obese
or start spitting excuses, please
i could list any number of ways we are killing
ourselves, just to please our self

pile it on
pile it on
pile it on
shovel. shovel. front scoop loader

but that matters little to the tawny haired boy,
who's sick to his stomach with worry for his mother
so i cut the tv off, pull him up from the couch
& we go outside to catch
the last bit of sun,
before it goes down

before it goes down
one more time.

brian miller

Posted over on his super site Way Station One
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Anonymous said...

Excellent message

Go Organic: send a clear message to the govournment that you want chemical free sustainably produced food

And either Go heavy on Vegetarianism or Vegan

Eat all the junk food you want

Eat all the faux meat you want

Consume all the faux dairy you want