Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bed Bedlam

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Bed Bedlam

Spending over a thousand bucks
for a box spring and mattress, always
pisses me off, every decade or so--
even though my bulk has created
a form-fitting crevice on my side
and everything rolls to the center;
even as back and neck aches are
much too morning prevalent, even
when informercials late at night
show blow-up photos of the dreaded
dust mites that gorge themselves
on my constantly shedding skin cells,
after flipping the mattress 57 times
every which way to find the level--
and then there is the eternal quandary
about “which” mattress to buy,
a waterbed or the sleep-number mattress,
or the bowling ball mattress, or the one
with the wine glass that will not spill
as a child leaps up and down beside it?

For God’s sake, this is not Henry VIII’s spacious
canopy bed, or Gauguin’s panda ma palm mattress,
or Cleopatra’s goose-down love nest complete
with cheeta-skin pillow cases, or Andy Warhol’s
Campbell Soup-shaped bed, or Jackie Gleason’s
huge perfectly round bed, or Winston Churchill’s
bulldog-shaped day bed, or Bill Clinton’s
cigar-shaped napper--and besides, these nights
my wife and I spend more time sleeping in our
respective recliners than in the conjugal wrestling mat
center piece in our bedroom

Glenn Buttkus

January 2011

Posted over on Applehouse Poetry

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Lynne Renner said...

Funny, I can relate and commiserate.

Jannie Funster said...

Definitely go for the sleep numbers!


Tess Kincaid said...

The worst part about buying a new king boxspring/mattress set a few years back, was squeezing it up the low ceilinged manor staircase.

Arne Zaslove said...

I suggest a futon. You can fluff it up, roll it up, and when you get up smooth it out - and when your spouse rolls over, you don’t get a kick in the privates, or at least you don’t wake up from the gravity pull. Be sure and get a frame that allows it and you to breath.


Guy Marsh said...

Try a Tempur-Pedic. You will pay through the nose but it's worth every cent and more! By the way, your essay was great!