Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Garage

Image borrowed from Bing

Our Garage

Our garage
is not one of these tidy places
you see on TV or in ads,
it’s full of junk, gardening tools,
two thirds empty cans of paint,
shelves with bottles of home-made wine,
sacks of dog food and bird food,
large terracotta pots and tubs
that would crack if left outside in winter,
yard brooms, etc. It all works.
Everything is stacked
and shoe-horned in and secured,
and there is enough room for the car too,
provided you snap back the wing mirrors
and stop when you hit the tennis ball
hanging from the ceiling on a string at one end
and line up the front right hand car door
exactly with the door leading into the workroom.
It’s easy. A child could do it.


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