Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pied Piper

Image borrowed from Yahoo

Pied Piper

I feel like a pied piper among fragile souls
needing cues from their pasts
to bring smiles to their faces, light to their eyes ..
music is the key

I help bring back memories of long ago,
real and imagined, when they were happy
and carefree, when joy and freedom reigned
when images of their futures could not be fathomed

I wrote Pied Piper in 2005 shortly after
moving my mother into a memory care facility ...
I spent many hours with her ... and the residents.

Music as Therapy

Move to the music
Automatic, feels so good
Humans responding

Helen Woonie

Posted over on her site Poetry Matters
Listed as #24 over on Magpie Tales 48

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