Saturday, January 8, 2011

No, Not Again

Image by Desi Walls

No, Not Again.

You’d think there’s nothing easier
than getting a fully functioning car
out of the garage this morning
to go to the next town,
a mere matter of a 20 minute drive away?
Forget it.
We’ve had more of the pretty white stuff.

I want it gone. Now.

Living in the furthest rural reaches of the country
makes for a very exciting life.
You can have hours of fun indoors,
looking out on snow and ice, mud and floods,
all shrouded picturesquely in mist and fog
and impenetrably dull grey skies,
and practice swearing, cursing, beating the husband –
well, it’s not done to beat the dog, is it? -
shouting, railing against the fates,
anything you’d like to call it.
In fact, while you are swearing, cursing,
you could not only invent new curses,
you could also find a whole new set of phrases
by which to call the activity.

My, what a pleasure.


Posted over on her site Friko's Musings
Line breaks by Glenn Buttkus

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Friko said...

Glenn, dear, you do say the nicest things.