Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pizza Den

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Pizza Den

Kirk Cameron works at Guido's Pizza Den;
that's why I get a discount on pizza.
He is researching a role for a movie
about an out of work actor
who works at a pizza place.
Kirk Cameron lives in an apartment
he rents from a troll in a cave under the bridge
in front of Pizza Den. When I cross the bridge,
it rattles and Kirk knows a customer is coming.
I'm not the only customer he gets,
but I'm the best looking.
He told me that during a screening of
"Left Behind IV: Son of Apocalypse." He
told me that so I would tip more. I am not a fool.
Kirk Cameron drives a Volvo. He bought it
when he worked on "Growing Pains."
Kirk Cameron doesn't buy American,
but he plans ahead. Kirk's favorite song is
"Time is on My Side," by the Rolling Stones.
Usually, Kirk doesn't listen to rock,
but a techie on the set of "Growing Pains"
used to listen to the Stones.
Kirk likes it for the memories. He likes to
think back to when he felt things.
He's not a romantic, but he's
familiar with the concept.

Kirk learned to make pizza from the troll,
who is the owner of the Pizza Den.
The troll's name isn't Guido; it's
Terrence. Kirk thinks of Terrence
as a sort of grudging father figure.
Terrence considers Kirk a has-been,
really, a neverwas. Kirk pays his rent.
He makes pizza. The customers like
him; they come back.
This is what Terrence cares about.
Terrence doesn't think about the way
Kirk's body moves under his uniform.
He doesn't stay late,
sifting through the soiled aprons,
trying to catch Kirk's scent.
He doesn't daydream.
He counts pepperoni,
turns the thermostat down, and thinks about
the martini he's going to make
when he gets off work. He'll
drink it in the hot-tub he bought
with the money he stole from
Kirk's tips. The boy can act,
Terrance will admit, but he can't

C.L Bledsoe

Posted over on Neon Magazine

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