Monday, January 24, 2011

Sail A Child

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Sail A Child

sail a child like a ship out on the sea
anchor her with love, then set her free
hear the splashing of the spray
as she goes laughing on her way
sail a child to sea.

sail a child and your heart around the world
tiny, shiny angel dancing girl
stand upon the windy shore
where so many have stood before
sail her ’round the world

can it really be that little speck
out on the sea is your daughter?
you knew there’d come a day
when she would sail away
but it seems too soon
oh, your little baby on the water
pulled away by love and tides and moons

sail a child wherever she will dream
far away on waves of blue and green
trust the stars to lead her way
and sail her safely home one day
sail a child who dreams

Jannie Funster

Posted as song lyric over on her site Jannie Funster

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