Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Resolve

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I Resolve

not to shoot the neighbor’s dog,
though it needs a bullet badly;
not to run any more yellow lights,
as those damned cameras nail you every time;
not to rail so vehemently against winter,
for it garners no results--it’s like
throwing a sock full of cat shit at the moon;
not to buy a good digital camera
and learn how to use it properly
until Summer, even though
images beckon and icons lurk
behind headstones and junk yard fences;
not to purchase flowers weekly for my wife,
because even beauty can become boring
and love’s flames only need so much fanning;
not to wait another full year before
contacting my brother, for we are both
old men now and need to hug more often;
not to pine for that pistol,
the .357 Ruger revolver
that haunts my dreams;
not to give up seeking Sasquatch
for he waits patiently
for our encounter to come.

Glenn Buttkus

January 2011

Posted over on Applehouse Poetry
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Arne Zaslove said...

There a lot of good cameras out there with too many buttons. I finally sold my Rollei 2 ¼ box camera, locked my darkroom and now have a fine small Nikon. Make sure you get something with a view finder AND a big window for looking at what you just shot. I didn’t spend much more than 400.00 and sold my Rollei for 700.00 – I was like shooting an old dog that I loved.

Adrian Sparks said...

My brother in law is a dentist. He had a dog next door driving him nuts. He tossed meatballs w/ sedatives over the fence every morning. It worked. No more barking. Later he noticed the dog was gone. He asked and they said they found it a new home - they wanted a guard dog, and all it was doing was sleeping!

Lynne Renner said...

Loved it!
See you Friday!!!

Joel Kellner said...

That is my favorite poem I have heard so far! It has so many little snap shots of who you are and what pushes your buttons negatively and turns you on positively...

Judy Mauer said...

I liked I Resolve a lot. You seem to have slowed down on your poetry output lately. busy with other things?

Lynne Rees said...

Glen: love the variety here, in tone and content. It alternately moved me, made me think, and smile.

David Gilmour said...

Not to overlook the squiggle marks
in my film brother's communiques;
not to think inquiries about any
poor bastard's poetry are slight
and not to take'em too personally.
Not to assume pretentiousness
in another's considered view
because I don't hold one falutin
opinion about poetry sometimes.
not to act on .357 pistol dreams
when I wake in poetic states.

Hmm. Hugs. Brother

Joel Kellner said...

The first line really catches you, especially if you know the Context.