Monday, January 24, 2011

Divagations (1)

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The Birth of Time

Results run backward gathering in force until they end up
in some sort of cavern miraculously well lit
& everyone there feels surprise & wonder.

They are more like phantoms than like little men:
a symptom of the way they cough & breathe.*

From the depths the girl at center rises,
edges toward the stooping man & calls him father.+

She is a distant runner, trained to smash against the wind
& carry on until some place draws nigh –
where the whole point of speed is relaxation.#

It fits & lessens our predicament,
although no final strategy permits it.

Even so.

My hand in yours allows a sleep in which each dream
is like a hole in paradise.^

The more you fall through it**
the more it takes you to the birth of time.++

* bob & weave........+ [maybe the stupid man is what you meant.]
# execution..... ^ a holy paradigm. .....** stall in it .....++ of rhyme

Jerome Rothenberg

A series of new poems with footnoted variant readings, scheduled for publication as a Big Bridge Press E-Book with drawings by Nancy Victoria Davis.
Posted over on his site Poems & Poetics

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