Friday, November 4, 2011

Love Hurts: Scene Eleven

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Love Hurts: Scene Eleven

Cinemagenic Eleven


1(close up) tanya frowning, rolling her eyes.
2(medium close up) lester: insolent, tight-lipped,
arms folded.
3(two shot) men in the front seat.
4(close up) owen: let’s have some fucking quiet!
5(sound cue) bass fiddle thumping.
6(medium shot) the impala traveling.
7(sound cue) owen (VO) : We’ll be there soon.
8(sound cue) lester (VO): ain’t saying shit.
9(insert shot) coyote sniffing at the armadillo corpse.
10(sound cue) crows cawing.

11(helicopter shot) twilight on the desert horizon.
12(overhead zoom shot) down to the red impala traversing
curves, moving fast, its hot headlights reaching out into the
gathering darkness; the low white alkaline hills framing.
13(sound cue) dual mufflers popping with V-8 compression.
14(sound cue) tenor saxophone, slow bleats.
15(gimble set up) interior of the car, three shot:
16lester: staring ahead, his lips a straight line.
17owen: slowly shaking his head, staring out over the hood,
just driving now.
18(close up) tanya’s face, staring straight, but eyes unfocused,
blank, face limp with fatigue and fear.
19(sound cue) large truck passes them from other direction.
20(three shot) all three faces and the interior of the car
illuminated brightly from the truck’s headlights.
21(close up) tanya’s eyes widening, focused.
22(sound cue) flamenco classical guitar chord.
23(medium close up) owen’s hands on the steering wheel.
24(close up) owen’s left hand has a skull tattoo on it.
25(extreme close up) tattoo of a skull with a bloody dagger
shoved through the eye sockets.
26(sound cue) woman softly moaning; barely audible.

27(insert shot) a well dressed older man sitting on a
park bench.
28(sound cue) children’s laughter.
29(close up) the predator’s hungry eyes.
30(medium wide shot) several children playing on a
31(sound cue) the children laughing blending
to one child screaming blending
into a saxophone holding a long note.

32(medium close up) heather scrambling to get
out of the back seat.
33(close up) heather: mommie, mommie--help me!
34(medium shot) the child standing outside, next to
the car door.
35(medium shot) quick cut as owen is on the child
in a flash.
36(insert shot) a tomcat leaping onto a rat.
37(close up) heather: mommmmieee!
38(sound cue) piano pounding low notes
39(insert shot) a badger holding down the head of
a snake with its large paw.

40(two shot) tanya on her back on the hood with
lester on top of her.
41(medium close up) lester punching her in the face.
42(sound cue) a bony fist colliding with flesh.
43(bouncing steadicam two shot)
lester struggling with his belt and zipper,
tanya bucking under him.
44(insert shot) a bronco lifting into the air out of the
sawdust, the rider lifting off the saddle.
45(sound cue) tanya (VO) heather!!!
46(medium close up) the back of lester’s pants
sliding down.
47(close up) his bare butt taking the night air.

48(sound cue) bob (VO) if I tell you to fuck Steve,
then fuck him, bitch!!

49(two shot) owen lifting the child off the ground,
pinning her shoulders with his firm grip.
50(close up) his left hand, with skull tattoo evident,
shoving its way down the back of her pants, then
grabbing onto the elastic band.
51(medium two shot) his right arm draped around
her chest.
52(sound cue) brassy trumpet riff.
53(two shot) owen lifts her up, and spins her
to a horizontal position.
54(close up) tony tiger lying askew on the back seat.
55(two shot) owen stuffing the screaming child back
into the car.
56(medium close up) heather landing on tony tiger,
mashing him down.
57(sound cue) child’s body impact on the seat.
58(sound cue) trumpet high notes.
59(two shot) owen landing on top of heather,
mashing her down beneath him.
60(sound cue) owen (VO) the kid is mine!

61(medium close up) tanya’s legs kicking beneath
lester’s naked butt.
62(sound cue) lester (VO) take that cock, slut, you
will love it!
63(two shot) the couple wrestling on the hood.
64(sound cue) tanya: heather, heather!!
65(sound cue) heather: noooooo!
66(two shot close up) tanya spitting in lester’s face.
67(two shot) lester rises up, his glasses flying off.
68(sound cue) tanya: you motherfucker!!!
69(medium close up) somehow tanya brings up a
knee squarely into lester’s crotch.
70(sound cue) a bass drum slammed hard.
71(sound cue) lester screaming in groin agony,
72(medium shot) tanya pushing lester backwards.
73(medium shot) POV, the ground level looking up
as lester falls onto the camera lens.
74(medium close up) tanya’s foot coming down
on lester’s face.
75(sound cue) a nose breaking.
76(sound cue) a quick drum rap.
77(medium shot) tanya landing on her feet, body
in a crouch.
78(sound cue) lester scream-growling.
79(close up) tanya’s face ablaze from the headlights.
80tanya: heather, heather!!
81(sound cue) heather (VO): mommie! (muffled)
82(sound cue) a bear roaring.
83(insert shot) a she-bear rushing toward the camera,
its terrible jaws open, roaring magnificently.

Glenn Buttkus

November 2011

Listed as #8 over on Magpie Tales 90

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Brian Miller said...

holy crap...really vivid this week...i hope that she bear rips the throats out of those guys....dang man...

Brian Miller said...

back for round two...this time its the little scene with the old man, kids playing, predator eyes to a sax that jumps out at me..nice indirectness...still wow...

Claudia said...

the kids laughing and the saxophone holding one long had me with you know how difficult it is to hold a long, good tone on the saxo? ha

Todd Alan Kraft said...

Not a moment for a breath.

Anonymous said...

It was 35 years, god I'm not that old.>KB

Björn said...

Cheers for Mama bear will she get those guys... I rarely cheer for bone chrushing.. but just maybe I did a little this time, and that armadillo coming back... I can't really wait to next tuesday.. this just gets better every time.

Glenn Buttkus said...

Bjorn, the last segment, Part XII, is linked in for this week, since I will be on vacation for the next 3 weeks.

James Rainsford said...

Powerful imagery.

Anonymous said...

You know, I really hope Mamma bear rips the throats out of those bastards.