Saturday, March 3, 2012


Digital art by Walter W. Smith



History lies like a cornucopia of illusions,
slipping away with each new awakening.

Libraries are laden with vast dusty volumes
that chronicle Man’s past, dry feisty words,

the virtual becoming cyber-ciphering
now merging into countless terabytes,

from holocausts to revolutions,
from pogroms to parades, splitting the atom,

christian crusaders constantly resurfacing
to challenge Islam--never able to clearly

determine who are, and who are not the Infidels;
God switching sides like a polished politician--

Dick Tracy technology piggybacking on
Jules Verne visionary science, dictators

being dragged from hiding and then torn to pieces
in the street by mad dog protestors, done in front

of CNN and the world’s media eyes, as many
watch on their 3” phone screens, and e-notebooks.


Each of us struggles to remember our personal
connection to history, all those delicious decades

lived through since 1945;
our 50’s automobiles,
our 60’s highs and rock & roll,
our 70’s sparkling disco balls,

fearing the New Millennium, then sliding past
it like quicksilver within thermometers,

rushing to produce a new decade, piled upon
the turn the century, rife with retribution,

wars holding hands, connected everywhere,
inflated corporate greed, the middle class shrinking,
sliding underwater, engineers working as mall security,
unemployment becoming a never-ending nightmare.


Yet it is said that “with every breath a new dream is born”,
with every sunrise hope bubbles up from despair,

with every moment of happiness, every stroke of luck,
we checkmate the dark tragedies that seem

to surround us like a pack of ravenous grey wolves,
moving en-masse toward our tiny fires, and

some of us stand strong, holding our burning clubs,
cursing those red eyes, daring them to attack.

Glenn Buttkus

March 2012

Listed as #11 over at dVerse Poets-Poetics

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Brian Miller said...

nice...really like the strength in that last my club...smiles...and so true in the middle the disconnection with our history as well...we get lost in the moment on those 3 inch screens...its now, its new...and there has got to be a slogan...

Rene Foran said...

Sometimes I find myself club in one hand iPhone in the other... I am a bridge

sheila said...

great historical reflections here, Glenn. Really liking the final part which rings of hope for the future if we are willing to fight for it.

Claudia said...

Each of us struggles to remember our personal
connection to history... and it's so important that we do..if we don't manage to connect to the presence there will be no history for us.. good thoughts in this..i like how you weave the strings together glenn

Blue Flute said...

I liked the way you weave in history with personal feeling and the strength of us as individuals against the tides of events that surround us.

newdigitalscapes said...

Glenn, thanks for such a profound examination of our society, our personal lives and perhaps a bleak look into the future. Yet as the the title implies "with every breath a new dream is born" there is hope. I appreciate you seeking out one of my works of art that you felt would be the genesis for your prose.
Peace and Light