Saturday, January 1, 2011

The First Day

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The First Day

We got up late, had a leisurely breakfast,
walked the dog, had an even more leisurely lunch,
snoozed for a bit, and generally let
the world go by
without us lifting a finger
to help it on its way.

I am not a great believer
in New Year's Resolutions,
I have never yet managed to keep one
for more than a few days,
so I no longer bother.
Besides, if I haven't learned to live
with myself by now,
with all my faults,
fantasies and foibles,
I never will.

In the days to come
Let me be able to accept joy
with simple gratitude
Pain and sorrow
with fortitude and courage
Let there be a friend
beside me on the path
Let my spirit be content
with what I find ahead
Let a kind heart and hope
be my companions along the way.


Posted as prose over on her site Friko's Musings
Line breaks by Glenn Buttkus

1 comment:

Friko said...

You really are wonderful, Glenn, you see poetry in the humblest and most mundane words.

Here's to a happy collaboration in 2011 and my best wishes to you and yours for the coming year.