Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson

After a month of migraine, rhinovirus,
exsanguinating nasal passages,
blackout inducing coughing,
blackouts induced by trying to read
a poorly written murder mystery
while trying at the same time to ignore
the jabbering of beloved family members
as they went on and on about
how the world is incompetently constructed
and how it should be constructed
without ever mentioning
any paths that might lead
to it's proper construction
thereby leaving it (the world)
with it's usual construction which is not,
nor will it ever be constructed any better
than this sentence and other joyous holiday activities;
I managed to stay awake until the end of the year
during the celebration at Len & Miriam's
Sou'Wester lodge in Seaview.
At one point I dropped and did ten push-ups
just to check and see if there was still
a real seeming aspect
to this seemingly eternal bad dream
The new year has yet to heed
the millions and millions (est.) of exhortations
to be a happy one.
But that's not too surprising.
It's a black ugly twisted enigma
and lethargy is still the boss of me.
I wash my hands, but I don't wear gloves.

Doug Palmer

Posted over on his site Feel Free to Laugh
Listed as #22 over on Magpie Tales 47

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