Friday, October 28, 2011

Alexie's Tweets

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I somehow have refused to get onto Twitter,
or to tweet, in the face of the hours I spend
blogging and farting around on Facebook, and
watching old remastered classic films fresh
of my 8TB auxillary hard drive. But I must
say, Sherman Alexie does demonstrate admirably
how a real poet approaches the Twitter role.

Sherman_Alexie I've flown 1 million miles. And my ancestors thought they were nomads.
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Sherman_Alexie New Orleans: bicyclists w/o helmets, random public dancing, and drawls easy and warm like God's sofa.
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Sherman_Alexie I'm so leftist that I'm contemptuous of my own lefty politics.
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Sherman_Alexie One definition of sadness: my middle-aged friends who gave up basketball for golf.
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