Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Tear

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The Tear

the dream broke
like a prodigal sun shower
on a startled april evening
causing him to squint
blinking away happiness
like sand in the eyes of love

you had been there
the unapproving guest
at the all-night party
who’d taken his keys
and his shoes
and him for a fool

it was not that you didn’t want him
you said
you simply saw yourself
in a different movie
with a different ending
no broken hearts
at least
not yours

and the stranded man
in the leather chair
had my face
had no expectations
made no demands
held you responsible
for nothing

and you left the table
cashed in your winnings
climbed the winding stairs
silk purse in hand
his heart in your pocket
to place it at midnight
on your balcony sill
to watch it wither in the moonlight

he would not gamble
so he had no need for it
nor most certainly
did you

and the night lark sang
and a silver tear
fell hard as steel
from his frozen cheek
which you collected in a sterling box
and tossed into the sea

• • •

rob kistner © 2011

Posted over on his Facebook page, one day before
the annual Willow Manor Ball.

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