Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Driving North

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Driving North

I cry over dishes, laundry
Spilt milk...beer...bourbon
A flipped plate of left-overs
The cup of coffee I forgot
On top of the Cherokee

I agonize over words
Typed, said and unsaid
To people I don’t even know
And family I know too well
Life in Hell, is what it is

Someday I’ll just drive
North, I think, Toledo, Detroit
Flint, on up to Mackinac,
Never looking back to see
Who, if anyone, is following

I’ll find a quiet spit of beach
State park, most likely
Strip and with my Mother
Commune one last time
Then spin the loaded wheel.

Lemuel Crouse

aka: Dr. Linthead

Posted over on his site Child of a Frosty Morning
Listed as #4 over on Magpie Tales 88

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