Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So You Say You Want a Revolution,

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So You Say You Want a Revolution, Well You Know...

Twenty four ladies walked
off the Canadian lingerie football team
quoting Malcolm X in unfair
firing treatment and I can not get
Schweddy Balls

by Ben & Jerry in my store

freezer because a million
moms don't want their kids
to see it

are they athlete's or entertainment
and lets be honest, who wants
to put Schweddy Balls in their mouth
but sex sells and sails ships, south

around the world in search of

Magellan's westward route to the "Spice
Islands" leaving little mystery nor
virgin territory for exploring, perhaps
Al Gore was just a little off on this
Global Warming thing---

and at what age now
do you have 'the talk'
with your children?


and in the uncomfortable silence

I roll the window down to catch my breath
as it flows passed fresh, and in the Escalade
next check the reflection of who mine
are becoming.


only if I fail to take responsibility
and stop acting helpless, freedom
should not be confused with neglect
and when mixed with ignorance

well, just wait nine months
and you'll figure it out,

just like they did
in less than ten minutes.

Brian Miller

Posted over on his site Way Station One
Listed as #49 over on Magpie Tales 88

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