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Love Hurts: Scene Ten

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Love Hurts: Scene Ten

Cinemagenic Ten


1(close up) Love Hurts shining red on the school wall,
bathed in hot impala headlights.
2(medium shot) red SS stopped in front of
the old country school house.
3(sound cue) guitar blues slide.
4(two shot) both men staring at tanya:
owen in the front seat,
lester standing with his door open.

5(close up) tanya’s face, eyes wide open.
6(medium close up) lester banging the back of his
seat forward.
7(close up) tanya: what are you doing?
8(two shot) lester reaching in a grabbing tanya.
9lester: come to daddy, you sexy bitch!
10(close up) heather suddenly awakens.
11(sound cue) jazz saxophone.
12(close up) heather screaming mommmmie!
13(medium shot) owen leaps out from behind the
steering wheel, then pushes the back of his seat
14owen, breathing hard, laughing.
15(three shot) tanya being dragged slowly forward,
kicking and screaming
16tanya: no, no, oh god, no!
17(close up) her feet hitting the steering wheel.
18tanya: stop it! stop it!
19(close up) plastic jesus and hula dancer bobbling
on the dash.
20(medium shot) owen stepping backward.
21tanya (VO) you fucking assholes!
22(close up) owen: get that crazy bitch out of the car!
23(medium shot) heather being pushed aside.
24(medium shot) tanya struggling mightily.
25(sound cue) heather squealing like a caged
pummeled rodent.
26(sound cue) hard drum raps.
27(insert shot) cow in slaughter stocks being
hit in the head with a sledgehammer.
28(medium close up) lester grabbing tanya
by the hair.
29(sound cue) clarinet high riff.
30(two shot) lester pulling the woman
out over the front seat.
31(medium shot) POV outside the car:
lester tosses tanya onto the ground hard.
32(sound cue) heather VO: mommy, mommy!
33(medium close up) tanya’s skirt has hiked up,
revealing red panties.
34(close up) lester: you fucking whore!
35(medium close up) tanya kicks up into
lester’s groin.
35(close up) lester’s face grimacing in pain.
36lester: arrrrggghh!
37owen: (VO) what a cluster fuck!
38(medium shot) heather sitting up, face streaming
with tear trails, blowing spit bubbles, nose running.
39(sound cue) wolf howling blending into violins
hitting high notes.
40(medium shot) owen appears from the other side.
41(medium close up) lester’s nose bleeding.
42(medium close up) owen working his arm under
tanya’s throat.
43(close up) owen grabbing her hair with his free
hand, clenching it tightly.
44(sound cue) heather: mmottttherrr!
45(three shot): lester on his knees, holding his crotch.
owen jerking tanya upright onto her feet.
46tanya: noooooooo!

47(two shot) bob holding her arm behind her, pushing
it high and hard as he slaps the back of her head.
48(sound cue) bob (VO) when I say no I mean it!

49(sound cue) tanya screaming.
50(sound cue) piano pounding low notes.
51(three shot) all of them moving toward the camera:
owen and lester violently pulling tanya around to
the front of the car, their bodies in silhouette.
52(sound cue) drum roll.
53(three shot) over the men’s shoulders,
tanya being slammed down onto the impala’s
wide red hood.
54(close up) tanya biting a hand.
55owen: fucking bitch!
56(close up) tanya’s lips smeared with blood.
57(medium close up) owen holding his wounded hand.
58owen: fuuuccckkk!
59(two shot) lester pushing himself on top
of the woman.
60(insert shot) a bull mounting a cow.

61(medium close up) heather resting peacefully, with
her head in her mother’s lap.
62(wide shot) red impala traveling, headlights glaring
on high beams.
63(gimble-shot) over the hood into the windshield,
two men in front, woman in the back seat.
64(close up) owen: fuck me, what else can happen
to us?
65(close up) lester: goddamn owl made me piss
my britches.
66(close up) tanya, mute, eyes unfocused.
67(two shot) over tanya’s shoulder, lester
facing her.
68(close up) lester: I figured as much, excuse me all to
hell for asking. good looking bitches are all the same.
69(close up) owen: leave the woman alone!
70(sound cue) Indian snake rattle.
71(close up) lester: I ain’t saying shit.
72(medium close up) tanya, her eyes beginning to focus,
73tanya: what?
74(sound cue) owen: as soon as we are done with them,
we have to boogie.
75(close up) tanya: what are you saying?
76(close up) lester: not a goddamn thing!
77(close up) owen: Jesus Christ, you two--fuggedaboutit!!
78(insert shot) three crows pecking at the armadillo corpse.
79(close up) one crow stabbing the armadillo in the eye.

Glenn Buttkus

October 2011

Listed as #18 over on Magpie Tales 89

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robkistner said...

Lots of continuing rage and danger, dark Tarantino-esque symbolism -- it fits nicely with the typewriter image in today's Magpie, as though these are the keystrokes writing this screenplay...

Tumblewords: said...

Frightening stuff!

chiccoreal said...

Dear Glenn: These characters are very rough-edge. The depiction of a rape scene well-exected via breakaway to the allegorical image. Tenable feel to this story, very gripping!

Alex Shapiro said...

I agree with you about the tone of the music for your intriguing and touching series; I’ve been enjoying it and would be honored to score the film version! Let me get Spielberg on the phone…

Brian Miller said...

damn dude...intense...the jesus on the work all the elements into maniacal precisions...

Glenn Buttkus said...

I appreciate those "few" of you who
have stuck by me for this serial
cinematic poetics. Still a couple more
scenes to go until the fadeout.
Perhaps some day this series will
become a Chapbook; that would
be cool.

Arnab Majumdar said...

Scary scene!

Arnab Majumdar on

Nicholas V. said...

Ugh! Gritty!
Loved the armadillo corpse and the crows!

Jim Robbins said...

10An Unkindness of Ravens

1A feast for the eyes
2As Wise Owl comes play its part
3Three crows joined as one

Brian Miller said...

the blend of imagery in this is great...and you really ratchet up the tension....the plastic jesus still but also the cow in the stocks....pow...

Björn said...

I have started to look forward to the story... great and grim imagery here. Glenn.

LaTonya Baldwin said...

I couldn't turn away despite how graphic and violent. well done.

rumoursofrhyme said...

Definitely rooting for Tanya here! Good for her with the kick and the bite.

M. J. Joachim said...

Intense...with so many lines and descriptions to bring it home...

Grace said...

Lots of drama here, raw and savage ~

Thank you for sharing this ~

James Rainsford said...

Visceral and intense. Some very original and strangely disturbing imagery here.

Claudia said...

i could swear i've read this before..enjoying your cinematic poems and sorry that i'm so hamburg on a business trip at the moment..

Liisi Heiskanen said...

Holy shit. I'm speechless. Never read something like this. Pardon my French, but this is fucking intense. My skin is crawling. Thanks for the read!

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Grim, gritty and strangely compelling read Glenn.
Anna :o]