Sunday, October 16, 2011

Love Hurts:Scene Eight

Painting by Tom Lea

Love Hurts: Scene Eight

Cinemagenic Eight


1(close up) owen slams the gearshift into Park.
2(medium shot) impala stopped in front of the old school,
dust settling.
3(close up) tasha: Where? Where are we?
4(three shot) over tasha’s shoulder.
5lester opens the passenger door.
6(sound cue) Indian snake rattle.
7(medium shot) lester steps out of the car, stretches,
and leans back in.
8(close up) tasha, shocked, confused.
9(close up) owen, smiling, staring at the graffiti in the headlights.
10(extreme close up) red spray painted words: Love Hurts.
11(insert shot) badger growling, backing into its den.
12(sound cue) jazz piano riff.
13(medium shot) POV backseat, lester leering.
14(close up) lester: at your destination, honeyface.
15(two shot) both men staring at her, smiling.
16(close up) tasha’s face, mute with fear.
17(sound cue) owl screeching blending into a woman
18(insert shot) red-green lizard snapping up a horsefly
with it long blue tongue.
19(overhead crane shot) red impala still traveling down
the dusty desert road.
20(medium close up) lester turning around in the front seat.
21(two shot) over tasha’s shoulder:
22lester: how you doin’?
23(close up) tasha, puzzled.
24lester (VO): you hungry?
25(two shot) over lester’s shoulder,
26tasha: what?
27lester (VO): you want sumptin-eat?
28(medium shot) lester holds out a half-eaten
candy bar.
29(close up) lester’s face, smiling, expectant.
30tasha (VO): uh, no, no--but thanks for offering.
31(sound cue) jazz piano.
32(close up) lester, smile fades.
33(sound cue) lester forces a small laugh.
34lester: shit fire, lady, you could be a little friendlier.
35(close up) tasha, eyes narrowing, brow furrowed.
36lester: so...are you married?
37(medium shot) owen popping the tab on a plastic
water bottle, and taking a pull on it.
38(insert shot) child’s backpack lying beside the road;
hanna montana logo beneath the dust.
39(medium wide shot) red impala streams past it.
40(close up) tasha: no--my husband’s dead.
41(close up) lester: oh--that’s a fucking shame.
42(close up) owen staring into the rear view mirror at tasha.
43(close up) heather, drooling a little on her mother’s lap.
44(gimble shot) over the hood, two men in the front seat.
45(sound cue) thunk of something hitting the grill.
46(medium shot) brown feathers flying up into the air.
47(close up) sparrow imbedded in impala grill, its
head lying over to the side.
48(extreme close up) bird’s dead eye.
49owen (VO): fucking snakes with wings.
50(sound cue) native american flute.
51(insert shot) two baby birds chirping wildly in a nest.
52(insert shot) wildcat staring up at the nest.
53(close up) wildcat’s yellow eyes, calm and lethal.
54(close up) tasha: pursing her lips.
55(close up) lester: who you with now?
56(close up) tasha, becoming angry.
57(medium shot) impala traveling.
58(sound cue) glass pack mufflers high pitch bellow.
59tasha (VO): I live with a truck driver.
60(medium set up) owen looking quickly over his shoulder
at the woman.
61owen: a shack job--pretend marriage; that’s cool.
62(close up) tasha: he’s an asshole.
63(close up) owen, small smile.
64(close up) tasha: I’m leaving him.
65(sound cue) lester giggling.
66(sound cue) castanets.
67(insert shot) a mud daubing wasp stinging a butterfly
to death.

Glenn Buttkus

October 2011

Listed as #24 over on Magpie Tales 87

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robkistner said...

so many fascinating images surface consistently throughout this continuing work Glenn -- and the cinematic trappings are damned engaging... good stuff dude...

Tess Kincaid said...

Ah...that red Impala...and I bet it's the same one you drove to the Willow Manor Ball...

Stafford Ray said...

I am glubed to the tube!

Jannie Funster said...

castanets are a great addition!!

LOVING this!!


chiccoreal said...

Dear Glenn: I'm glad the comment section is back on! I couldn't comment on your hip designer dudes for the Willow Ball! Loved the Impala! I saw you spinning your wheels and thought oh I didnt get to chat but I heard about the speedo! teehee! Yes, the images in your video are raw and viscerally intense; reminds me of Tarantino or Film Noir! You've got the moviemaking jones! (no pun intended!) Inspired! Do you need an actress? Heard Chiccoreal is up for a part in a Buttkus Production!

Brian Miller said...

dang what a vceral image to end on too...once again mr glenn you fascinate me...and i so want to see the movie...

Tumblewords: said...

I won't need to see the movie - imagery is astounding.

Jim Robbins said...

8Stuck in Park

1Two dears in headlights
2Four mothballs sticky from age
3Adrenalin squared

Brian Miller said...

really like the jumpy imagery, the flying snake, the flute...adds the two baby birds....makes for such a visual piece man...

jane hewey said...

your sound effects are great,creating their own sublime images. the red impala becomes the reader's friend. the lizard's appearance was super-sensation evoking! very enjoyable read.

M. J. Joachim said...

I feel like putting on some jazz music right about now. This is cool!

Björn said...

What a script... Poor little sparrow... but at least it fed the wild-cat. It's those details that make this poetry is so fascinating to read...

rumoursofrhyme said...

There's something of Natural Born Killers to this, Glenn.

Grace said...

What an interesting format ~ Like the backgrounder of scenes, weaving with the conversations ~

Wishing you a happy week Glenn ~

BostonPoetryMagazine said...

This is great! Interesting format. It's good for people with attention spans such as mine.
child’s backpack lying beside the road;
hanna montana logo beneath the dust.
Little details always leave a mark. Excellent. -Mike

Jeff said...

A red impala. A coupe, right?

So many lines, so many pictures, so vivid.