Sunday, October 23, 2011

Love Hurts: Scene Nine

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Love Hurts: Scene Nine

Cinemagenic Nine


1(medium shot) armadillo crossing the road
2(sound cue) low grunting blending into
a large V-8 approaching,
3(two shot) inside the car, back of
the men’s heads, out over the hood.
4(close up) the plastic Jesus on the dash.
5(medium shot) red impala rounding a curve.
6(medium close up) armadillo in the middle
of the road, turning toward the lights.
7owen: shit!
8(three shot) surprised faces inside the car.
9(sound cue) car running over the armadillo.
10(medium wide shot) side view of the red impala
as it rises up and over the animal, first
the front tire then the rear one.
11(close up) red blood splattering on red paint.
12(sound cue) flute high fast fluttering.
13(next four shots in rapid succession)
14(close up) lester: Jesus Christ!
15(close up) plastic face of Jesus.
16(close up) tanya: My God!
17(sound cue) bats high pitch travel squealing.
18(close up) heather: waking up, crying,
eyes wide.
19(two shot) mother and child.
20tanya: it’s OK, honey, it’s OK.
21heather: crying louder.
22(close up) owen: shut that damned kid up!
23(close up) lester: fuck me!
24(close up) tanya: it’s OK, it’s OK, it’s OK.
25(sound cue) jazz trumpet.
26(medium wide shot) impala screeching
to a stop, coming at the camera.
27(close up) dead bird in the grill;
fresh blood on its head.
28(insert shot) wildcat munching down
a baby bird.
29(two shot) front seat:
owen looking down, shaking his head.
lester reaching over the seat, trying to help.
30(close up) owen’s fists clenching
on the steering wheel.
31(close up) plastic dash hula dancer bobbling.
32(sound cue) six string blues slide.
33(close up) heather: that scared me, mommy!
34tanya (VO): just an accident, honey, we hit
an animal.
35(sound cue) 396 engine idling rough,
glass packs popping.
36heather: did it die--did it die?
37(close up) tanya: we don’t know.
38heather (VO): what if it’s alive?
39(close up) tanya’s eyes, beginning to dampen
with tears.
40heather: go back and see.
41(close up) owen: fuck it!
42(medium close up) red impala’s back tires
43(sound cue) V-8 gaining torque,
gravel crashing out of the way,
mufflers roaring.
44(close up) tanya: (hoarse whisper)
we can’t go back.
45heather (VO): go back, go back.
46(close up) lester: there’s snakes out there.
47(sound cue) jazz clarinet blending
into coyote howling.
48(insert shot) two coyotes, one black, one white,
watching the road.
49(medium wide shot) over the back of coyote’s
heads, the red impala races past.
50(crane shot) pulling back as the SS pulls away.
51(wide shot) low alkaline hills, deep with shadow,
piled upon each other to the horizon, evenly rutted,
like earth abs.
52(sound cue) hawk’s cry.

53(transition close up) tanya; twilight,
face bathed by the dash lights.
54(close up) heather, asleep again, head
in her mother’s lap.
55(extreme close up) tony tiger tucked sweetly
under her tiny chin.

56(close up) bob’s angry face.
57bob: never disrespect me, bitch; one day I may
have to kill you.
58(close up) tanya’s face, cheek bruised, mascara
59bob (VO): better yet, if you don’t fucking
shape up I will have to start pounding on that
little cunt daughter of yours!

60(two shot) over tasha’s shoulder, lester
staring quietly at the woman, concerned
expression on his face.
61(medium close up) lester: must be rough having
to raise your kid by yourself--no man to take care
of you.
62(two shot) over lester’s shoulder, tanya silent,
staring past him into the gathering gloom.
63(sound cue) cello bowing long and low.
64(close up) lester: (loud whisper) I was the one
that wanted to stop for you. owen’s on a fucking
mission and really didn’t want to stop.
65(medium shot) tanya sitting rigid, silent,
as the camera dollys in slowly while
lester speaks.
66lester (VO): I’m different. most people today
just step over your ass if you fall in
this fucking world.
67(medium close up) tanya’s upper torso,
blank stare.
68lester (VO): there’s something about you.
I saw it right away. sure, I know, I ain’t
nothing special.
69(close up) owen: a glance of disbelief.
70(sound cue) harmonica.
71(close up) tight shot on tanya’s face.
72(close up) lester: but I’ll tell you
one damned thing--
you and me, doll, we could have some real fun.
73(close up) tanya’s eyes, empty and distant.
74(close up) owen’s eyes in the rear view mirror,
75(close up) lester: so, yes or no--would you
ever go out with a guy like me?
76(medium shot) POV inside the car--a large
white owl flies right at the windshield,
then up and over the top of the car.
77(medium wide shot) exterior, red impala
78(sound cue) native american voice: “I heard
the owl call my name.”

Glenn Buttkus

October 2011

Listed as #38 over on Magpie Tales 88

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Kathe W. said...


Brian Miller said...

dang...the tension continues to mount...the dead bird int he grill nice touch....

Tumblewords: said...

Well done! It's surely a vivid piece.

Tess Kincaid said...

Isn't that red Impala out of gas yet?

Rob Kistner said...

raw, dangerous, mystic - this remains fascinating Glenn... here's my latest: "Hope"

Jim Robbins said...

9The Musical Question

1Lester cries it out:
2"Squeeze ma flame doll, reel l my fun!"
3"Oar-ma-dillo, stomp!"

1Lester testifies:
2"Squeeze ma flame doll, real l my fun!"
3"Oar-ma-dillo, stomp!"

Brian Miller said...

the owl calling out the name in the end...shivers...the dialogue made me cringe in light of recent events on my end...ugh...still an incredible write...

will go fix your link now too...

Claudia said...

dang - the bird in the grill - the owl calling the name and the instruments - the jazz clarinet and all woven in makes this so effective

Anonymous said...

Parts of this make really tough reading. Did you ever consider filming it?

Björn said...

Ah that poor Armadillo... and the tension in that car. that film will be great Glenn :-)

Todd Alan Kraft said...

(close up) Todd enjoying tense free wheeling story, week in a week out.

My only question is: "blood on a red paint job?" Will it show.

M. J. Joachim said...

Your desert scenes are so clear and accurate. The photo with today's post is perfect.

kelvin s.m. said...

...plastic face of Jesus --- aww...

Anonymous said...

There's so much of interest going on. Red impala and red blood, lots of dead animals, jazz and blues, owls, snakes, and Jesus. Very, very vivid. I dig it. -Mike

Sam Edge said...

ummm.. this was cool an diffierent!