Saturday, January 7, 2012


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This year I will
shed an adolescent
off my ample waist,
organize my digital imagery
into dazzling pigeon-holes
of iconography, keep my latest
beard more than two months,
hoping my wife’s embraces
will return of their own free will,
finally make it to the zoo in order
to discover those elusive pieces
of the puzzle others overlooked,
add more lighthouses to my album,
scratch off that lotto number that will
provide those windfall funds necessary
to erect a dock for my ship to come into,
and anxiously send out my whelped poetics
into the literary chasm of Chapbookland,
pasting paper wings on each word,
and kissing each lingual forehead
before its journey.

Glenn Buttkus

January 2012

Listed as #6 over on dVerse Poets

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Lane Savant said...

Sounds like a good idea.

Mary said...

Great goals, Glenn! I'd say if you accomplish even half of them your year would be a great success. LOL.

Brian Miller said...

just shaved about 3/4 inch off my beard from having let it go all winter...i would like to think my wife misses it...smiles...enjoy skimming that chasm as well...putting my own together as well...keep sCraTcHing that lotto ticket, you never know..smiles

Claudia said...

ha nice...loved the reading.. great rhythm in your poem glenn and i like your goals..smiles

Heaven said...

Nice goals...I wish you the best of luck in sailing out your journey.

Happy weekend ~

Cortney Bledsoe said...

Good luck! I, likewise, need to shed an adolescent and could certainly stand to win a lotto.


Natasha Head said...

Wonderful reading! Love the language, beautifully entwined to form a list of dreams similar to my own (with the exception of the beard)...Fantastic!

oceangirl said...

Resolutions in poetry, beautiful.

wood said...

"and anxiously send out my whelped poetics
into the literary chasm of Chapbookland,"

ha, i like that... truer words have never been spoken. i shaved off my my beard for the first time in a few years, amazing, i forgot what my face looked like. enjoyed your poem very much

Tess Kincaid said...

Best of luck with the chapbook submissions,'s only a matter of time...

Paul Bauck said...

Wonderful! I wish you the best of luck in realizing your list.

Jannie Funster said...

Really good one!!

I'm not going to let my beard go longer than 3 months!

Hope you get those embraces back!

And I don't know what the heck this means...

dazzling pigeon-holes
of iconography

But I love it!!!


Charles Miller said...

A lot of honest, straightforward talk here that strikes me as very authentic and real. Vert tight and well done.

zongrik said...

i loved pasting paper wings on each word. great image.

bumble bee

Anonymous said...

I LOVE "lingual forehead." That is awesome!