Saturday, January 7, 2012


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Screeeetch shabooommmm,
forty feet of blackest rubber
off the line, fat slicks smoking
hiissscheechweeee, clutch
in a bind, ooooohggggichee;
first gear hairy, eemmmmmmnnn,
second gear smoother,
third gear pulsating strong,
pounding on your ass!

1000 horses straining,
guts galore under the floor;
strapped in tight, uuuwhumpp,
next to the door, with the
steering wheel bending,
chrome mags a blur,
thunder blasting in your face,
kkaaaboooommmozza, pressing
your red tinted goggles into
your bulging eyes, dammmmmn,
what a fuuuucckking race!

Engine screeeeaamming like
a rhodesian ridgeback in heat,
approaching redline just before
the last speed shift entering
the blessed straightaway,
bolting past 207 like a rogue soul
turned black and mean, as a suction
has got you by the flattened nose
and all feeling has fled from your toes when
your right front tire, and your engine
is completely on fire, wwhhoooooshma,

so you let go of the wheel
and cover your face, to make preparation
for your journey through space--

Glenn Buttkus

January 2012

Listed as number 9 over on dVerse Poets-Onomoto Poetics

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Claudia said...

haha..that was great should see me smile..your reading is AWESOME!!!

Brian Miller said...

dude...i am gonna relisten to that one a 100 times...that was awesome...felt the wind in my hair as we blew off the line...smiles.

Natasha Head said...

Poet...I'm just here, along for the ride! Fantastic...but I think I said that on the last one ;) LOVED the reading!

Charles Miller said...

This reminds me of the races I attended on Friday nights. Nothing like getting a little sugar to tge sound of roaring engines! Great job, really!

Lane Savant said...

Did it happen on the strip where the road is wide?

Sheila Moore said...

are you kidding me?!!!! How fantabulous is this?!!!! So super fantabulous! I love, love, love the reading of it - to hear you pronounce all of those onomatopoeias was AWESOME! Thanks for such a treat, Glen.

Anonymous said...

can just feel being there...

bumble bee

Jean Sullivan said...

Great onomatopoeiaic rambling,,,smile.