Monday, January 9, 2012

Anachronism X Two

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Anachronism X Two

Why do you stand there,
looking down your nose at me;
in your fancy coat and knee breeches,
hands folded piously.
What are you doing in this world
of tall buildings,
traffic fumes,
eyeless windows,
flashing images and
bleached skies.
This is my world,
your day has long gone.
Standing on your pedestal,
lifeless and immobile,
your presence here forgotten, overlooked,
frozen in time,
with birds alighting on your shoulders
your only company.
What use are you.
You're nothing but a memory.

Why do you hang there,
beetle-browed and scowling down at me,
your shiny head
and pale visage
depicted on a poster.
No pedestal for you.
You're here today and gone tomorrow,
the next-in-line already
waiting in the wings,
as easily replaced as you.
I once was real, a man of flesh and blood,
you're nothing but a made-up storyline,
a flickering image on a silver screen,
unreal, pure invention.
My place in history is safe,
I shall be standing here
until the cityscape itself comes to an end.
My shoulders will provide a perch for birds
from which to sing,
When you are but a memory.

Ursula White

aka: Friko

Posted over on her site Friko's World
Listed as #6 over on Magpie Tales 99

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