Monday, January 9, 2012

Dream On

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Dream on

The Steelers lost to the Broncos tonight
on the first play in overtime
after coming back from being
two touchdowns behind---

And now, I am watching Oprah

As therapy, as a way not to think

"How does this marriage work,"
she asks

"Apologies by me," he responds,

And this is Steven Tyler, the big lipped free spirit
I once stood in the pit with to 'Dream On',
twice born of rehab, consummate ladies man,
a life so twisty turvy
he has his own roller coaster at Disney Land

Why don't they build monuments to those that screw
up so much they finally get something right?
Or write Broadway plays, hiring perfect teeth-ed
actors with twinkly eyes cause
no matter how ugly the life
as long as the actor is pretty---right?

Perhaps they do, already

I went to see American Idiot, last spring
and was disappointed it was not as political
as I expected---

The music was good though.

Brian Miller

Posted over on his site Way Station One
Listed as #44 over on Mapie Tales 99

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