Tuesday, October 4, 2011


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somewhere between our petrochemical insanity
and our reckless dance with fractured atoms
we believed we were the miracle
and it all went seriously awry
we fantasized we had dominion
that we understood the vast unknown
could control the raw chaotic
that we had figured out the why
so we delved into dark science
with no regard for frail nature
flailed our way across the planet
belched our leavings into our sky
we so bought into our egos
that we perceived ourselves as gods
that we were capable of anything
perhaps make the elephant to fly
but we humans lost sight of balance
did not comprehend our place
as only one of precious many
we let the tipping point slip by
now we wonder what will happen
to our misbegotten dream
stare through disbelieving tears
as we slowly watch it die
• • •
rob kistner © 2011

Aeropachydermicide – recklessly causing the death of someone or something by actions that result from the foolish belief that one is so smart and powerful that one can make an elephant fly.

Posted over on his site Image and Verse
Listed as #58 over on Magpie Tales 85

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