Thursday, October 6, 2011

Airborne Pachyderm Tales

image borrowed from disney

Airborne Pachyderm Tales

No matter how much you might try
To launch yourself into the sky.
You share the name ‘Jumbo’
With jets, silly Dumbo;
But they need four engines to fly!

Q: What does one do when an elephant
is flying overhead?
A: Raise your umbrella.
Wait! There's more.
Q: What has twenty-two legs, two wings
and eleven arseholes?
A: Arsenal!
And... and... apropos of nothing, but
to balance that weak effort,
Q: What has one eye, three legs
and half an arsehole.
A: Lobster thermidor.
I will stop now before I offend myself.
(Or feel inclined to react to the suggestion
of climate change: coal fired power stations
and sea level rise and the plight of elephants
whose million year history will end because
they cannot fly away.)

Stafford Ray

Posted down under on his site Stafford Ray
Listed as #39 over on Magpie Tales 85

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