Sunday, October 2, 2011

Love Hurts: Scene Six

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Love Hurts: Scene Six

Cinemagenic Six


1(helicopter shot--high over the desert, wide lens,
pan from horizon to horizon.)
2(medium shot) desert sun in late afternoon mode,
dropping lower in a bird’s egg blue sky.
3((sound cue) latin music; guitar, horns, violin.
4(wide shot) tall saguaro cactus in foreground;
a forest of them in background.
5(tight medium shot, pan down) to a single hiking boot,
broken laces, wedged between two sharp rocks.
5(close up) dark shiny stain dribbled down
one side of it.
6(sound cue) blow flies buzzing.
7(crane shot) dust cloud moving in middle of wide frame.
8(sound cue) mexican trumpet riffs.
9(crane shot) slow zoom in toward dust cloud.
10(medium set up) large boulder at the cusp
of a sharp turn in the road.
11(sound cue) big american V-8 engine winding out.
12(medium close up) vulture perched on cactus branch
watching the road.
13(wide shot) red impala bursts around corner,
sliding a little, kicking up dust
like a wide hydroplane rooster tail.
14(medium wide shot) vulture flying off startled.
15(sound cue) vulture squawking.
16(gimble-set up) over hood toward windshield.
17(three shot) three occupants, men in front,
woman in back, child behind seat.
18(sound cue) acoustic guitar chords.
19(close up) owen; sunglasses masking his eyes.
20(close up) lester: peeking back over his left shoulder.
21(close up) tasha: staring sadly at the gathering
gloom out the window.
22(close up) heather: asleep in her mother’s lap.
23(close up) tony tiger: dropped, lying
on a grateful dead tee shirt.
24(medium shot) desert in late afternoon
moving by the window.
25(two shot) back seat, heather: squirming
to find more comfortable lap spot.
26(close up) heather: owww, owww.
27tasha as VO: what’s the matter?
28heather: something is hurting me.
29(medium shot) child holds up a woman’s pink shoe.
30(close up) a woman’s scuffed up high heel shoe.
31(extreme close up) spiked heel is broken,
hanging like a damaged limb.
32(insert shot) woman lying face down on the ground.
33(sound cue) throbbing cello.
34(medium close up) pink high heel shoe with broken
spike next to her naked foot.
35(close up) red polish on woman’s toenails.
36(medium shot) from knees down:
man is standing next to the body,
dirty jeans with cuffs folded back
over brown engineer boots.
37(close up) tasha, her eyes widening: stoic tone:
38give it to mama, baby--now try to take your nap.
39(two shot) child snuggles up to her mother
40 (close up) heather: closes her eyes.
41(medium shot) heather, in bed,
pink covers pulled up under her chin,
42(illumination from a street light showing us
her eyes; scared, weeping)
43(sound cue, through the wall) bob:
you skanky fucking slut! I told you
to get some beer for tonight!
44(sound cue) man slapping a woman several times.
45(sound cue) woman sobbing.
46(close up) heather: staring at the ceiling,
weeping silently.
47(close up) child’s hands clasped in prayer.
48(sound cue) harmonica, slow scale.
49(two shot) heather with her head in mother’s lap,
50(close up) hugging the stuffed tiger
up under her chin.
51(medium close up) tiger’s face peering out
from under her arm, the one eye prominent.
52(sound cue) sweet strings.
53(insert shot) mother coyote licking her pup.
54(two shot, front seat) lester: dude, do we
have enough dough to even make it all the way
to Seattle?
55owen, a silent silhouette, then
56(sound cue) trombone slide.
57owen: shut your miserable hole, dummy.
58(close up) lester biting his lower lip,
glancing back over his shoulder.
59(insert shot) black feral cat creeping up on a
60(sound cue) didgeridoo huffing.
61(insert shot) black rabbit eating cactus blossoms.
62(close up) tasha’s eyes, questioning.
63(helicopter medium wide shot) red impala racing
from rut to rut
rolling up thick white dust.
64(from the chopper, slow pull back to wide shot)
impala becoming tiny as a blood drop
in the expanse of desert nothing.
65(insert shot) sun, hazy, moving closer
to the horizon, changing hue from yellow giant
to an orange-streaked orb ready to plunge beyond
white alkaline shoulders.
66(medium shot) quiet gentle curve in the road.
67(sound cue) loud cicadas.
68(medium close up) large brown tarantula
crossing the road.
69(sound cue) electronic squeal fading into
70(sound cue) impala 396 cubes,
close and charging hard.
71(medium wide shot) red impala bursts into the frame.
72(sound cue) spanish flamenco riff.
73(medium close up) impala grill, sun glinting
off the chrome, blasting
directly at the camera lens.
74(close up) tarantula reared up
on its hind legs in a defensive posture.
75(medium shot) fade foreground, impala rouge
almost upon it.
76(medium shot, tarantula POV) as the
fire-breathing detroit dragon
rolls over it fast, it and the camera.
77(close up) impala SS insignia on trunk lid.
78(medium shot) vehicle is pulling slowly away
from the camera.
79(medium to wide shot) red SS continues to move
further off down a straightaway.
80(sound cue) french horns bleating low and mean.
81(close up) injured tarantula on its back.
82(extreme close up) two hairy bloody spider legs

Glenn Buttkus

October 2011

Listed as #18 over on Magpie Tales 85

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Tess Kincaid said...

I'm scared of red Impalas, now...

Tumblewords: said...

I, too, am scared of red Impalas and I never did like tarantulas. :) This is heart stopping stuff.

Jo Bryant said...

well that has just about ruined impalas for me

Jim Robbins said...

Bad Hands, Bad Lands: Haiku

1.Sand hi-ways, black bush
2Peeled rubber, pit gruel, plus heat
3Eight legged tango

Jannie Funster said...

Glenn, I think you have found your retirement niche. If you can make this movie into a reality, it would be awesome!!! And why not? You are still young and healthy, with lots of creativity to give to the world!!


chiccoreal said...

Dear Glenn: Really dig this scene, especially the details like the tony the tiger stuffed toy with one eye and the grateful dead teeshirt and the redtoe nail polish and pink stiletto heel. The secret messages imbeded into this is FRIGGIN' AMAZING!! I notice you know a lot about long shots, etc camera desert scenes and saguaro cactus. Always been intriguing for me. Who's your fav director, Ford? Tarantino? Love to see this made into a film one day? Is this your intent? :)

Brian Miller said...

dang dude...your imagery just keeps getting better..t.he tiger ont eh grateful dead shirt...the twitching spider legs....ack....great stuff...

robkistner said...

Glenn "Quentin" Buttkus rides again...! OK, now when in the hell are you going to begin capturing this little gem on film or video...? :)

Glenn Buttkus said...

THE RIDE was my bare bones screenplay that was almost produced, until the funding fell through, like 12 years ago. As some of you know, a film script does not include the producer/director choices in shooting the film; but coming upon the "cinemagenic' poetic form one day, I realized that once and for all I could create the entire film as poetry, as film of the mind. All that ever keeps many great ideas from coming to fruition is money; investors welcome.

Glenn Buttkus said...

What I really envision for Love Hurts
is that it could become a Chapbook
on its own; there will be about 11-12
scenes, and I do not think anyone has
ever really tried this form to this
extent, or this concept.

Isabel Doyle said...

that was extraordinary

Brian Miller said...

ha, still the twitching spider legs in the end is a master stroke, shivers...awesome intensity brother...

Björn said...

Love this style, totally unique... I can see the film becoming a block-buster

Claudia said...

two hairy bloody spider legs extreme close image for sure...great images glenn

Robert Gibson said...

Goddamn.... WOW... this pulled me in.... I couldn't stop reading.

Truedessa said...

Wow, you certainly captured the scenes in this one..I listened to the audio and it kept me on the edge of my seat.

Charles Miller said...

stuff happens and then you die. Interesting use of the form, Glenn. Tarantulas really deserve better you know.

Jenny Herner said...

Wow. So clever.

Anonymous said...

The intensity doesn't let up ...

Amber Glows of a Slow Burn said...

This is awesome, so very suspenseful I could barely read it fast enough! It scares me, but I want to know more!