Tuesday, October 4, 2011

from "Inner Voices Heard Before Sleep"

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from "Inner Voices Heard Before Sleep"

Everything else is set up
If this is why I sent you
They’ll come

Four, please
Go on, now it’s gone

The fingers are down
The necks
And we have cereal once a week

I might all of a sudden disappear
The match

Do you want to give yourself up to me?
What the guy was giving up
What did we say about that?
Hang around for which sister?
Who else would want it?
To make sure she won’t forget it

Don’t worry
It very well could be
He’s a great guy

Garrine, do you know?
Stephen Kern

Yell and give me a call
I would let you know

I mean
Did you know his name is Farino?
John Stern is not one of his many friends
Try Kenny

I worked the day before so much
I have far too good friends in this school
That’s one of the problems waiting for you

He comes down last night
Very funny, right
No, no-no-no-no
He didn’t scream
Today, he isn’t screaming

This I heard this morning
You might want to keep it

Wanting space-space-space-space-space
She has New York, hunh?
It is, it is
On my floor

We listened to the music for too long
And Gus and I were playing
It’s on it
Trouble is
The rock, the fly
And the song is
The citation
The thing is, have you ever heard?
Woodlawn Cemetery, please
Outfitters for the rich
I’m gonna give them three
Or one
Or maybe two
The natural, denying messenger type
It seems OK now that it’s almost over
Should be used by crooks
The household business
Not me
Some of it is doubtful
He starred often on the day
I don’t think that’s accurate
I’m sure you know how you’re gonna present this
Could you just tell me?
Why you got to teach?

And he’s partially asleep
The whole score on how to be successful officers
Don’t get upset over coastal puzzles
We had to match so much yesterday at sea
I took some money
I guess they take their money
Four hours a day, how much?
The underwear off
White Plains
I tell ya, if I was six minutes away
Tonight, I’m gonna have some problems
They’re still lookin’ forward to that—
Tell Mrs. Van Eager
June, June, June
The Kings’ argument
You know, we’re just angry at you
Chillmar, Chillmar
Chillin’, Chill
Despite the name, it’s really the first I thought
I don’t know
I don’t know
Grumblers had loads of things to change
I’m just checking if you can feed them

Everybody’s sick and I don’t know what to do
Vision, vision
A different kind of airlift
Three and call
Help the Braves, baby
Closing league
Time and anger
A deal is a deal
I don’t know the situation
In appearances
Yes, I are
Coming down the stretch, they do
This was a big problem
You are
You are us
What you told them
At some deep place
The bond was cracked and the Pomona iced
Together, that amounts to
Now do come back, combatants
To my apartment
These are words deep in your soul
A wood sword episode
Every morning, as you can see
Stand up and—
After Sidney was born
Hopefully, I am loved so much that—
Where in two weeks?
Very strong reasons

Michael Ruby

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