Tuesday, October 4, 2011

While You're In a Poetry Mood

Image by George Kavanagh

While You're In a Poetry Mood

While you’re in a poetry mood
drink whiskey from a blue tin cup
and eat up the wagon trail stars.

Let the distant coyotes
of traffic and tax collectors
fade to a lullaby of leaves.

Let your poems leap the campfires
you’ve tended since you were born.
Let fiddles dance on plates of beans.

Soon enough your toaster will fly
out the window, your tv out the door
and summer out a hole in your sock.

Soon enough a frost of telemarketers
will knock from inside your pantry door
asking where your retirement tea is.

Tell the whole world you’re in a poetry mood
and will resume the business of dust and dishes
after you sail some more words on the wind.

Jannie Funster

Posted over on her site Jannie Funster

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