Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fetishes of the Always Smiling Faces

painting by john george brown

Fetishes of the Always Smiling Faces

The inside of the window
covered in white paper, where
they are remodeling the interior
and want no peekers, someone
dropped a cup of coffee, and
its splatter slashes the window
as it floats on the surface
of the glass.

i call it art.

i call it "Someone dropped the coffee:
the sacrilegious desecration of spirit
in mankind's postmodern polymorphic

And puff my chest, because big words
make me look smart, despite the way
i am dressed & bequeaths me status
to dic-t-hate that which is...art.

Oh, no. Really?

I ejaculate judgement & blessing
as i pass, and while you are already
marking me an ass - trust me i know
what you are thinking - but truth is
those that tell you what you want
to hear, you can find them anywhere---

Who do you have that will say what
you don't and won't slip you rose
colored glasses, blowing smoke
up your various orifices?

unless you like that,

who am i to argue your preference, i just
struggle in the transaction of saving comfort
for progress without labeling it laziness

and i'd rather see the scythe that cleaves coming
over leaving, or more masochist than a faux
silk kiss, iron on iron

sharpen my knife
sharpen my knife
sharpen my knife

and the three blind mice
coincidentally are also
now tail-less, regardlessspilt coffee moves me to tears
far more than milk, yes,

Oh, YeS!

Brian Miller

Posted over on his site Way Station One
Listed as #8 over on dVerse Poets--Open Link Night 21

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