Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hunger Pangs

Painting by Lukas Emmanual

Hunger Pangs

Look at them grazing...
Sipping coffee black and
Gnawing on white bread
Sandwiches at mid-day.

Not cursed with vampyric
Pallor, they...rather
tan, accustomed to sitting
in sunlight once in awhile.

I would smile at them
From my dark alcove but
Methinks they would not
Return the kindness...ha!

Wait, I shall, until night
blindness takes them
And then I will have my
Fill of dark, steamy draught.

Lemuel Crouse

aka: Dr. Linthead

Posted over on his site Child of a Frosty Morning
Listed as #16 over on Magpie Tales 94

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