Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Pearl of Hope

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Our Pearl of Hope

Warm blue water quietly swells
Sunday morning blooms are sweet
listening for the distant bells
of churches in the pacific heat

Quiet breezes blow off the water
a fisherman's boat flag unfurls
Wai Momi the Hawaiians call her
the harbor with water of pearls

So many lives were taken here
by surprise they came to kill
young men attacking without fear
water and sky no longer still

An empire chose to start a war
by attacking us while unaware
a hole in the blue sky they tore
bullets and bombs everywhere

An exercise of might and power
sneak attack of grandest scale
to come and kill at that hour
Sunday bullets rained like hail

The ending blow would be ours
atomic hammer strike would solve
ending this clash of powers
Bombers flying in silent resolve

Flying into the Rising Sun
A Fat Man and a Little Boy
Soon this war shall be won
So many lives did it destroy

Again the water of pearls is calm
A memorial now and place of rest
No bullet now or falling bomb
just the sun setting in the west

Greg Harshfeld

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