Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Gift Tag

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The Gift Tag

Digging through my closet
which at this time looks like
a North Pole bomb shelter

I find an old gift bag
the word “Believe” in gold glitter
radiating from its core
with a tag made out to me
from you
your husband
and each child’s name included
the entire family unit
now blown up
by infidelity and lies
that the change of life ignites

those dreadful hormones
make Sybil seem real
cuz it must be another persona
making you act so POssessed

and this year the tag will say from you
without them
on a crumpled used up bag
you threw the last minute gift in
probably another purple shirt
that means nothing to me

where is this secret closet shelf
you’ve created, walked down from
with ilLUSionary dreams of pumpkin pie?

yet I still believe in miracles
and hope this year
you’ll see the glitter of love
abandon the self-imposed war
you’ve created
and come back to us

@laurie kolp

Posted over on her site Bird's Eye Gemini
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Jannie Funster said...

The secret closet shelf. I like that!!

Hope you are well??