Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On the Banks of the River Acheron

image by yuushoku on deviant art

On the Banks of the River Acheron

On the banks of the River of Woe,
Forsaken by the gods,
I await your return from Hades,
O Charon.

Sullen and wrathful my life,
In death condemned
To wander
These shores,
My soul yearns for release.

I beseech you,
O Charon,
Ferry me across the dark river
To the mouth of Hades,
And the Adamantine Gates
Guarded by Cerberus,
Take me to
Eternal bliss
In the Elysian Fields.
My Obol be your reward.

Ursula White

aka: Friko

Posted over on her site Friko"s World
Listed as #34 over on Magpie Tales 95

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