Tuesday, December 6, 2011

There Were Poets

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There Were Poets

There were poets
rambling in attics
all night while
most townsfolk
were dreaming
of square-riggers
they too one day
might gallivant
to new shores on.

There were poets
stashed in closets
with lamps sooting
up wool coats that
hadn’t seen the light
of day since uncles
they’d never meet
sailed to wars they’d
never return from.

There were poets
peeling potatoes
in cellar corners.

Poets spilling out
of every coal shed
and cathedral.

Poets dreaming
in every hayfield,
carpentry shop,
and apple tree in
every village since
Cromagnon Mike
fell for the moon,

– all so content
in their gardens
of paper and ink.

Now there are poets
dancing with ghosts
in computers and
poets texting from
palaces and planes.

Now there are poets
roller skating naked
with caramel no-fat
mocha lattes in one
hand, and organic
tofu banana cashew
muffins in the other.

Poets laughing always.

Poets then.

Poets now.

Poets forever,
sure as heaven
is stitched into
everything good
we’ll ever know.

Jannie Funster

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