Friday, December 2, 2011

TWILIGHT: Breaking Crap, Part I

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Nothing really going on over here today. I did my three hours on the net this morning and then went off to see TWILIGHT: Breaking Dawn, Part I. What a piece of crap.

It had some of the worst acting, poor illogical writing, and stupid CGI effects I have seen in a long time. I didn't like THOR much, but it was GONE WITH THE WIND compared to this clunker. Oddly, several critics raved about this one. We were told that the sex between Edward and Bella would be so "hot" it narrowly missed an "R" rating; damned lie. What we saw, though tasteful done, had all the heat of sex scenes on FX after 10 p.m. Taylor Lautner is becoming worse as an actor with every project he does; makes you cringe. The scene where the werewolves "speak" their lines was like something seen on Cartoon Network. Robert Pattinson's make up makes him look pasty white, more dead than dead. Peter Facinelli, usually good in this series, just wanders and mumbles, and his character goes missing during the critical birthing scene. Billy Burke, as Bella's father, again does not have much to do, but shows up in several scenes.

The only good acting comes from Kristen Stewart, whose virginity jitters on her honeymoon night, and her ordeal of enduring a pregnancy with a "demon" inside her, were both excellent work on her part.

So do not go to this 4 star Grunter, unless you are just an indiscriminating Twilight junkie who doesn't care about the quality of the thing. Yet, the reality is frightening; Number One Film in the World! 42 million box office first three days, and 62.3 million in box office over the Thanksgiving holiday week.

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