Thursday, March 6, 2008

Big Blue

Picture this; Alex standing on the coastline near Malibu, with her hand over her eyes, straining to see the Channel Islands, to see Catalina. As she mused about them, her future island kingdom, cabin, and lifestyle was in its incubation period.


Some days
just look blue,
no matter how happy
you may be.

We had a good
thunder and lightning storm
last night,
and it blew brisk
clear air
across the sea.

Even though
the buffalo-spotted land
on Catalina
is actually green
and brown,
gazing across the ocean
to it,
everything is pale azure
and beckons
like a lost
magical place.

In fact
it is a found

My trips there
over the years,
by commercial ferry,
or by
my own sailboat,
have all been wonderful
that fill me
with thoughts
of what it might be like
to live
in such a place;
so close
to a major city,
and yet remote
in significant ways.

Alex Shapiro 2006

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