Monday, February 28, 2022

Fire Mountains

image by Glenn Buttkus

 Fire Mountains

“Of all the fire mountains which like beacons, blazed

along the Pacific Coast, Mt. Rainier is the noblest.”

--John Muir.

 I live in the “Ring of Fire”, in one of the fertile valleys

scooped out by Mt. Rainier magma millions of years

ago. The Cascades sport six active volcanos. Mt.

Rainier is our tallest and most majestic at 14,411’.

North of it we find Mt. Baker, which has the most 

snowfall, standing at 10,786’. Just south of Rainier,

we encounter Mt. Adams, looking like a smaller twin,

standing at 12,781. Southwest of there, we come

to the infamous Mt. Saint Helens, which erupted in 1980.

It once was 9,617’. After it blew its top, it is only 8,307’.

Due south of it, in Oregon, we discover Mt. Hood, that

stands at 11,249’. South of that, in California one finds

Mt. Shasta, a looming 14,179’, second tallest in the


We are told that at any time, perhaps after a massive

earthquake, one of more of these mountains could

erupt. These peaks have never been cold.

Wolves get relocated.

They adapt and thrive quickly.

Then comes a bounty.

Glenn Buttkus


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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Mother Russia


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Mother Russia

“The people who cast the votes decide nothing.

The people who count the votes decide everything”

--Joseph Stalin

Today it came, war in Ukraine,

rockets and bombs as deadly rain.

Putin is a madman, gone rogue;

he thinks he’s Stalin, quite insane.

Tell the bastard, this is no hoag.

War in Ukraine, today it came.

Trump is cheering; what an asshole.

Again, Putin is on a roll.

We find that this action’s no bluff,

while the Donald is a damn troll.

Trump likes things best when they get rough.

What an asshole; Trump is cheering.

Glenn Buttkus


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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Erotic Dissonance

image from wikipedia 

Erotic Dissonance

“The truth shall set you free”--John 8:32

If you are raped

by a celebrity,


        husband or


will you become free

of your guilt

and anger

if you reveal

your rapist?

#MeToo aside,

it’s still a Sausage Fest,

             Man’s World,

             Boy’s Club

out there. 


and his lawyers,

will assassinate your character.

You will be labeled a slut,



                                   gold digger,

just another resentful, disturbed,


or they will claim

that the sex was


It’s like

if the authorities question

your innocence or sanity,

how can you prove it?

I must say

that reporting the rape

decades after the incident

seems a bit tidy

and opportunistic, but

generally I side with the women,

because a stiff cock knows nothing of morality.

Glenn Buttkus

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Skirts Up

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 Skirts Up

“Women in the Navy were a blessings, for Sailors

loved to ride the Waves.”  Naval Saying.

I was not

in the Navy

long enough

to be called

an Old Salt.

I only had

shore duty,

never became

ship’s company,


went to sea.

They let women

into the Navy

in 1942,

and I dated

those magnificent Waves,


of them.

Glenn Buttkus


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