Thursday, July 28, 2022



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“Already seen. Already known. Already lived.

Deja vu, su, and vecu.”--V.E. Schwab.

Loop Quantum Gravity is mysterious merging--

merging of quantum physics and general relativity.

Relativity is the dependence on physical phenomena,

phenomena relative to the motion of the observer;

Observer, of course, can be anyone;

anyone certainly includes you.

You should realize all objects are in motion-

motion starts at the cellular level.

Level is also relative, and never linear--

linear theories are mostly confusing;

Confusing confrontations can be seen as growth;

growth has several dimensions.

Dimensions, also, are not linear; rather overlapping.

Overlapping as existence in several at the same time.

Time, like matter, is just a construct.

Constructs are actually phantoms.

Phantoms of substance and co-creation.

Co-creation touches our past and future.

Glenn Buttkus

Loop poetry

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Monday, July 25, 2022

Fistful of Zen

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 Fistful of Zen

“Zen is not work or achievement; it’s just you

becoming a revelation to your self.”--Huang Po

Freedom me

from pigeon holes.

Do not force me

to wear an

identity wrapper:   progressive,












because I am more,

much infinitely interestingly originally


starship captain,


of the universe

and beyond.

Glenn Buttkus


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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Blackthorne Episode 154

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Cinemagenic 154


“Kiss me and you will see how important I am”.

--Sylvia Plath

1(sound cue) cello and harmonica.

Narrator: Like Christ, Buck received three visitors

while he was healing. 

2(wide shot) Outside the cabin, The vaqueros were

playing cards and drinking morning coffee.

3(dolly shot) into the open front door, into the dark

shadows within. Buck awakened to being kissed--

but not kissed really, more like being licked.

4(three shot) He sat up to find Salina and Henry

attending. On his chest, partially held by Salina

was a big wriggling licking black puppy. He was

whining and wagging his tail so hard it was

thumping. He was soot black, with a star on his

forehead, part Labrador-part German Shepherd.

Salina: Someone wants to meet you.

Buck: Hey, little fella...where’d you come from?

Henry: Doc Sweeney’s bitch had a recent litter.

As the story goes, your dog was one of the

suitors, so they decided you were to have a pup.

Salina: Do you like him?

Buck: No--I love him.

5(sound cue) piano.

The pup barked, and piddled a little in his


Buck held the puppy up: He didn’t have to piss

on me though.

Salina: He is just marking his master. What will

you name him?

Buck: Only one thing I can call him--Cheewa Dos.

The three of them laughed.

Buck, holding his ribs: Christ, don’t make me laugh.

Of course, this made them laugh harder.

Salina: Shall we call him Junior?

Buck: I’m fixin’ to call him Dos. What do you say,

Dos? Dosie boy! 

The pup barked. 

Buck: He likes it. 

He ruffled up the dog’s ears.

Salina: Well, now at least you will have a

sleeping partner.

Buck: With my luck, he’ll probably be a bed hog.

Salina: Just don’t smother him in your sleep.

We’re going to ramble on, sweetheart. I’ll be 

back tonight to check on you. 

Buck: Looking forward to it.

She blew him a kiss at the door. Smiling, Henry

blew him a kiss too.

Buck: Get the hell out of here, Sweetpants.

As they exited, Buck snuggled the pup in his


Well, Dos, let me tell you about your Dad. 

Glenn Buttkus

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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Fun With Fractals

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 Fun With Fractals

“Your whole life has the same shape as

a single day.”--Michael Crichton.

For me

a fractal is a pattern

that repeats forever,

like a dog

caught between two mirrors.

Cognitive dissonance displays

dazzling, yet carnivorous chaos;

yet we witness wonderful

vast natural symmetry all around us,

        like snake scales,

        like leopard spots,

        like zebra or tiger stripes,

        like someone’s freckles.

This world is mired in chaos,

ten times infinity;

a moebius maze with no exit.

How the hell can we balance

plague and melting glaciers,

drowning polar bears and wildfires,

immigration and xenophobia,

pro-choice and pro-life,

peace talks and politics,

war crimes and civil rights,

lobbyists and logic,

racism and religion, 

Space Force and the National debt??

How do we accept or accommodate to

bald-face lies that are

treated as the truth

by brain-dead knuckle-dragging millions

I heard on CNN today

that the only way we can get rid of Trump

is to assassinate his foul rump, or hope he will die

from his KFC/Burger King diet.

Glenn Buttkus

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Monday, July 18, 2022

Erectus Stupido

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 Erectus Stupido

“If another woman steals your man, let her keep

him. Real men can’t be stolen.”-Anonymous

That miserable bastard. Her loving husband of

three years was so happy when they got pregnant.

In her seventh month she came home early from

the office, feeling ill. She found her sister, Wendy,

in bed with Ralph.

She was so angry, she had Ralph pack a bag, and

she threw both of them out of the house. Her mother

sympathized with her. His mother said she should

have offered him more sex. 

Later, having clam chowder alone, the raw shock

wore off, and she began weeping. How could she 

have so trusting, so naive? Dealing with a divorce,

and her slutty sister seemed too much to deal with. 

Suddenly, she felt a stabbing pain in her chest, as

her heart was shattering. No, hell no, he, they, were

not worth a heart attack. She had it sliced away,

leaving a scar.

Glenn Buttkus


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