Thursday, July 28, 2022



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“Already seen. Already known. Already lived.

Deja vu, su, and vecu.”--V.E. Schwab.

Loop Quantum Gravity is mysterious merging--

merging of quantum physics and general relativity.

Relativity is the dependence on physical phenomena,

phenomena relative to the motion of the observer;

Observer, of course, can be anyone;

anyone certainly includes you.

You should realize all objects are in motion-

motion starts at the cellular level.

Level is also relative, and never linear--

linear theories are mostly confusing;

Confusing confrontations can be seen as growth;

growth has several dimensions.

Dimensions, also, are not linear; rather overlapping.

Overlapping as existence in several at the same time.

Time, like matter, is just a construct.

Constructs are actually phantoms.

Phantoms of substance and co-creation.

Co-creation touches our past and future.

Glenn Buttkus

Loop poetry

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robkistner said...

Excellent write Glenn. You lassoed this form and wrestled it admirably to the ground. I like the feel of your piece here my friend. Love the subject matter you embraced. Cool writing brother! 👍🏼🙂

Grace said...

I felt like I was in the loop of the past and future merging and co-creating. There is more than one meets the eye for sure. It's all relative. Thanks for joining in and have a good Thursday.

Candy said...

I can hear Spock reciting this

Reena Saxena said...

Scholarly composition!

paeansunplugged said...

What a fantastic loop verse, Glenn! I would have excelled in Physics in school if I had had a teacher like you!

Marion Horton said...

Expertly done, Glenn.

JadeLi said...

You have a knack for loop poetry. I feel educated in reading the thoughtbytes and realize that they can be in any order. They have the feel of fractal about them. I believe the constructs are the mind keeping itself from being bored. Not sure where I recent read it (maybe an epigram to one of your other poems) that the brain is a good tool but a terrible leader. I agree. said...

I felt very much in the loop, and looped as well. Wonderful, Glenn!