Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Fun With Fractals

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 Fun With Fractals

“Your whole life has the same shape as

a single day.”--Michael Crichton.

For me

a fractal is a pattern

that repeats forever,

like a dog

caught between two mirrors.

Cognitive dissonance displays

dazzling, yet carnivorous chaos;

yet we witness wonderful

vast natural symmetry all around us,

        like snake scales,

        like leopard spots,

        like zebra or tiger stripes,

        like someone’s freckles.

This world is mired in chaos,

ten times infinity;

a moebius maze with no exit.

How the hell can we balance

plague and melting glaciers,

drowning polar bears and wildfires,

immigration and xenophobia,

pro-choice and pro-life,

peace talks and politics,

war crimes and civil rights,

lobbyists and logic,

racism and religion, 

Space Force and the National debt??

How do we accept or accommodate to

bald-face lies that are

treated as the truth

by brain-dead knuckle-dragging millions

I heard on CNN today

that the only way we can get rid of Trump

is to assassinate his foul rump, or hope he will die

from his KFC/Burger King diet.

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at d'Verse Poet's Pub


robkistner said...

Love love love the Crichton quote Glenn — perfectly in step with the prompt. Also, damned pleased that Trump has remained skewered in your work my friend — that wasted bulge of fried dough.

forestbather said...

Hard-hitting, in form and on form, real, thirst-quenching poetry Glenn.

JadeLi said...

Glenn, what always amazes me is how tight your poems are, and this one is no exception. "A moebius maze with no exit." It certainly feels that way! I've begun to think Doofus is the best case scenario for a rep of that ilk. He's too dumb to do much serious damage. My real fear is his replacement, because his movement isn't going anywhere even if he bites the big one. He's like a red ant with T Rex waiting in the wings. Bannon is much scarier to me.

Dwight L. Roth said...

I love your dog illustration! A wonderful depiction of your society! As Tsvi said in his pome, we have taken our political synthesis and asuume it is now the whole, rather than just another fractal! Well done!

Nitin Lalit said...

It's strange that things find symmetry in nature and even in the chaos present in the world. The KFC Diet demise made me chuckle. Great poem.